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to the Ryan Erxleben Golf  Academy.

Our Goal is to provide you with the BEST instruction, coaching, and guidance in the industry. We are going to help you master your mind, body, technique, and skillset to unlock your entire golf game!


New Student Onboarding

Not sure where to start? Our New Student Onboarding is for you! Our assessment will provide you with an understanding of what you do well and what you need to work on. You will leave your onboarding feeling recharged, and motivated, while having a clear plan for improvement. 


Club Fitting

Your job is to swing the golf club with confidence, our job is to make sure you equipment allows you to be confident. Not sure if your equipment is helping or hurting your game? Learn more about our club fittings.  

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The Best Technology

Our academy is outfitted with the latest in technology to help you progress and measure your success. We utilize a Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor, BodiTrak Pressure Mat, & Sports Box AI 3D Motion Capture. 


Adult Performance Program

Are you a serious golfer looking for a roadmap to improvement? Our team is here to help you evaluate where you're at and where you are trying to go. This program is for you if you're ready to put in the work!


Junior Academy 

Our junior academy has programs for brand new players, to tournament players, and every junior in between. Your junior will learn everything from the rules of the game, etiquette, mechanics, and the skills to play their best golf. 


Individualized Biomechanics Assessment

Our TPI certified team can asses your golf specific mobility and strengthening needs. This allows us to individualize your coaching program to help you see both golf and day to day life functional improvements. 

Ryan is one of the most professional and diligent teachers I have ever experienced. From my time on tour, I have been exposed to the best of the best instructors. In my opinion, he is up there with the greats. Ryan is one of those guys that is extremely descriptive with his videos that he would send to me, but knows exactly how to deliver information in a clear and decisive method that allowed me to fully understand the message he was trying to deliver. I think of Ryan as “the pros-pro” when it comes to instruction. He is a good, Christian man with solid core values and someone who is easy to work with.

- Shad Tuten

KornFerry Tour Member

Ryan, my golf game already is night and day difference. I've been to the range twice since my first visit working on the drills you gave me and been golfing twice. All I can say is WOW! I haven't hit my driver consistently straight in a while and what a good feeling it is, thanks. I will definitely be back for more lessons and highly recommend Ryan he's easy to talk too and explains everything so that you easily understand. Ryan will show you what you're doing wrong visually on multiple videos and show you how to correct them with easy practice drills to get you hitting right, but it takes practice on your part. Definitely check Ryan out.

Matt Gauthier


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