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Ryan, my golf game already is night and day difference. I've been to the range twice since my first vist working on the drills you gave me and been golfing twice. All I can say is WOW! I haven't hit my driver consistently straight in a while and what a good feeling it is, thanks.
I will definitely be back for more lessons and highly recommend Ryan he's easy to talk too and explains everything so that you easily understand. Ryan will show you what you're doing wrong visually on multiple videos and show you how to correct them with easy practice drills to get you hitting right, but it takes practice on you're part. Definitely check Ryan out.
- Matt Gauthier

Welcome! I'm glad you're here.

I appreciate your dedication to bettering your golf game. My goal for all my players is to set goals, create a plan, work the plan, adjust the plan, enjoy the process, and ultimately achieve their goals. The game of golf is complex and I enjoy breaking it down into manageable bite size pieces. If you're ready to declutter your mind, work hard, look at struggle as an opportunity for growth, then I know we are a great fit. If you feel the same, head to our reservations tab to book your session. 

If you have questions, concerns, doubts, thoughts that this coaching relationship could be for you but you'd like to talk it through, I would love to do that. Fill out the form below and I'll personally get in touch with you.

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What Does The Initial Onboarding Session Look Like?

A new student onboarding evaluation is a 2 hour process for in-person sessions and a 45min remote call for those working with us remotely. We chat, get to know each other, talk about your game, any injuries you may have, what your goals are (we can help in making them specific), evaluate driver through putter. From there we will utilize our technology including a Flightscope Launch Monitor, Sportsbox 3D Body Movement Analysis Software, BodiTrak pressure mat, and HD Video to explain how your body and club are moving. This analysis and understanding will create a clear measured path to adjusting your process, movement patterns, and swing mechanics to help you hit your goals. You then will receive an in-depth review of your entire game via an App called CoachNow.

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