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We understand that life is busy, kids needs to get from one summer camp to another, and groceries do not buy themselves thus sometimes its best if you can get your practice in on your own schedule when it's convenient for you. Which is why we have launched our PDCA approach at the RE Golf Academy Online. PDCA stands for Plan, Do, Measure, Adjust. So long as this platform is utilized, success is inevitable.


Technology has become extremely accessible and has allowed our team to interact with our students in a very personal way. You will have access to our team of professionals who will be working alongside you in your journey to play your best golf. 

Our goal is to provide you the guidance and tools at your fingertips to improve your game at your pace, on your schedule, at a price that fits your budget.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Step 1:

Meet & Greet

This includes a personal video chat discussing your golf swing, your scores, your goals, your expectations, and your physical limitations. Each client has a different set of needs, goals, and availability. This initial meet and greet is the foundation for the plan our team will use, with your collaboration, to develop a plan that is 100% tailored to you. We will discuss how to video your swing, and how to send it to us, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: 

Plan Development 

Our team of experts will analyze your golf swing via Hudl Technique to look for causes of why the golf ball is not doing what you want it to do. Our approach is simple, keep the plan simple. Our goal is not to rebuild your golf swing to last weeks PGA or LPGA winner. Our goal is to create a plan that builds your confidence, gives you understanding, and provides a platform for you to play your best golf. 

Step 3: 


This is the part where you have to put in the work... we know it sounds a bit scary, but our team is going to be by you every step of the way. If you have questions, send us a message. If you are lacking motivation, send us a message. If you need to bounce an idea off of us, send us a message. Our coaches are here to help, so please use us!

Step 4:

Measure Your Results 

Progress is something that can truly be measured. Whether we look at posting a number, or making a swing change and we have video evidence that your body is physically in a different position at impact... those are measurable. Without measuring, you are guessing. Everything we will ask of you is measurable. The amount of time you practiced, the amount repetitions you completed. Results come from Planning, Doing, Checking, Adjusting. 



- Video Meet and Greet

- Personalized Program

- 2 Swing Video Analysis per month

- Specific Drills and Exercises

- Unlimited Communication 



- Video Meet and Greet

- Personalized Program

- 4 Hudl Technique Swing Video Analysis per month

- Specific Drills and Exercises 

- Unlimited Communication



- Video Meet and Greet

- Personalized Program

- 4 Hudl Technique Swing Video Analysis per month

- Specific Drills and Exercises 

- Unlimited Communication

- 30 Minute Live Video Lesson

- Access To Platinum Pro Tips