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Elite Junior Academy

Our Elite Junior Academy is designed for Juniors looking to excel in tournament level golf. This program is for those playing in Local Tours, AJGA Events, Top 50 Tour, Or a High School Program. 

Our Elite Junior Academy Is Available Through Application Or Invite Only.

(Limited Spots Available)

*Not all junior golfers are accepted*





Skill Development

  • Full Swing

  • Wedges

  • Short Game

  • Putting


Course Management

  • On Course Playing Lessons

  • How to plot your shots 

  • Creating a full round recap



  • How to prepare for a round

  • Developing a pre-shot routine

  • Learning to create a mental reset routine



  • Learning your tendencies

  • One on One Lessons

  • Personalized Practice Plans

  • CoachNow Lesson Notes



  • How to warmup

  • Strength, Mobility, Speed, Nutrition Coaching

  • Injury prevention

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 09.36_edited.jpg

The Best Technology

  • Skills Combine / Evaluation

  • Club Distances

  • On Course Simulation

  • 3D Body Analysis

"How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything" 

- Martha Beck

Our goal is to develop your juniors mind, body, and technique through self discovery, training, and competition. Your junior will develop their minds to handle both success and failure. They will learn how THEIR golf swing works, what their golf tendencies are, how to self diagnose, and how to problem solve on course. 

If you are looking for a program to help your junior play at the next level... Look no further. 

Elite Junior Program Application 


Love The
Game Program

Our Love The Game Program is designed for juniors who are learning to love the game of golf. This program is designed to help your junior learn all facets of the game which includes full swing, short game, putting, etiquette, rules of the game, and more!

What You Get:

  • Fun Learning Environment

  • Development Of Body Awareness

  • Skills Testing & Evaluation

  • Basic Mechanics

  • On Course Simulation

  • CoachNow Profile With Lesson Recap

Please contact us with questions or to sign your junior up!

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