Its All About The Clubface!

Hey Everyone,

As we enter into the fall season here in Michigan… the rain, the wind, and the cold are all reminding us that winter is on its way. But! We still have loads and loads of golf to continue to play before the flurries.

I’d like to talk specifically about the club face and how OptiShot Golf’s technology can help players of all abilities play better golf, specifically by controlling the club face and starting direction of the golfball. If you have watched any of the PGA or LPGA tours lately, you’ll quickly notice there are different body physiques which result in different styles of how to swing the golf club. Although most of the look slightly different, they all have at least two things in common… A square club face & a golfball that starts on the target line they choose!

These tour players have great club face awareness and understand the ballflight laws of the golf ball. What I love most about the Optishot technology is the ability to measure whether the club face is open or closed, and the starting line of the golf ball.

Here are some general tips to help you tighten up your shots by training on the Optishot Technology!

For those who Fade or Slice the golf ball… You have a golf ball that starts to the left of the target line, with an open club face. The more curvature your shot has, the more extreme your club path will be outside in, and your club face with be more open. Use the technology to your advantage and work to swing the golf club down the target line, and work to square the club face up!

For those of you who Draw or Hook the golf ball… you have a golfball that starts to the right of the target line, with a closed club face. The more curvature your shot has the more extreme your club path will be from in to out, and your club face will be closed. Work to swing more down the target line and feel your club face coming through square!

The closer you can get your club path to 0 degrees, and your club face to square, the straighter your shots will be. After all… wouldn’t that be great if you could line up and hit it straight?

Keep working on your game, and please reach out if you have any specific questions!