You Asked.. We Answered!

Hey Everyone!

Todays blog is going to answer some of the questions you left for me on our last Instagram post! I appreciate all of your questions and interactions!

Question 1: What is the best route for someone who is interested in taking up golf?

I recommend reaching out to your local teaching professional to asses all of your needs. They can answer questions in regards to equipment, how to practice, lessons, and how to actually play the game. Seek a professional, I cannot stress that enough. They talk, teach, & work in the golf industry all day long, I promise you wont regret it.

Question 2: I am pulling and hooking the golf ball, how do I stop?

When you are pulling the golf ball, you tend to be swinging across your body, as opposed to swinging down the target line. Whenever you are working on a swing change I recommend starting with a shorter club 8 or 9 iron.

Setup the following drill:

Start with a chip shot and work your way up to your full swing. The goal here is to make clean solid contact without hitting the sleeve of golfballs to the left. Let me know how this works!

Question 3: How do you shape shots?

Draw: “A ball that starts to the right of the target line and falls left.”

A draw requires a club path that is in-out, with a club face that is closed to the path. Example: if your club path is 2* from the inside your club face must be more than 2* closed or more to get that golf ball to work left.

Fade: “A ball that starts left of the target line, and falls back to the right.”

A fade requires a club path that is out-in with a club face that is open to your path.

If you have more questions on this… please reach out! @ryancerxleben

Question 4: How do I compress the ball consistently?

The key to being a great ball striker is having a great impact position. Its easy to forget that golf is a sport… not just a hobby! It requires athleticism and compressing the golf ball takes a great deal.

  1. Make sure the golf ball is in the center of your stance

  2. To compress the ball.. You need a forward shaft lean at impact! This means your hands are traveling through the hitting area slightly before the club head.

I hope these tips help you head out and play better golf! If you have specific questions make sure you reach out at @Ryancerxleben and

to get your questions answered!