Hey Everyone I hope all is well and you’re playing some great golf!

As golfers in 2018 we are currently living in the information age where you no longer need to guess on topics such as club fitting, yardages, and club data. Most Pro’s out there today are warming up with some type of technology to obtain key information such as carry distance. In the world of golf instruction most Pro’s are using the same technology to help their students dial in and play better golf. So my question to you… if the best players and teaching pros are using technology why wouldn’t you!?

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time on all of the major launch monitor/simulator systems throughout my career and let me be clear… there is a major difference between information that is measured versus information that is calculated. If you are looking for the most accurate information you need to be on a piece of technology that measures all of the data provided.

Today I’d like to spend some time sharing my experiences with OptiShot Golf’s new product, OptiShot BALLFLIGHT. After spending time on other technology I had set my standards rather high, but I have to say BALLFLIGHT met and exceeded my expectations. Here are some of the keys that absolutely blew me away:

Price: This piece of technology is coming in at $5,995 while all other systems offering the exact same things are nearly $4,000 more expensive!

Measured vs. Calculated: Every data parameter shown is measured and heres how. BALLFLIGHT offers TRIO-Tracking which includes Radar, Camera, and Infrared technologies to provide club speed, ball speed, vertical launch, horizontal launch, carry distance, total distance, as well as spin rates and smash factor.

Portable / Easy Setup: The unit itself is the size of a paper plate and is rather light! The leveling system on the top of the unit allows for easy adjustments to terrain that is not level. All you need is a computer and a standard power cable and you’re live!

Accuracy: I’ve spent some time comparing data points head to head between BALLFLIGHT and its competitors that are double sometimes even triple the price. Yes some of those other units may provide more data parameters but I personally don’t see how you can go wrong with what data BALLFLIGHT provides! From a young junior to your touring professional and everyone in-between OptiShot BALLFLIGHT will help you dial in your game, that I can guarantee.

Overall, I believe this product is going to change the playing field in regards to technology available to golfers and I have already begun to see this happen. Thus far this new product has helped me tremendously both as a player and teaching pro. If you haven’t gotten your hands on one of these units then please let me help you make that happen!

Reach out on any of my social media platforms and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Cheers to summer and lower scores! - Ryan