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For those of you here in Michigan, it looks like spring is right around the corner! I saw 50's this week :) For those of you who are blessed enough to be out in the sunshine states... well cheers to you and send some of those temps up to Michigan!

As we're on the weather subject... that brings me to the title of this post. "Why do you need a... Golf Simulator! I am going to share three reasons why having an OptiShot golf simulator will have you playing the best golf of your life!

#1: TIME

Lets be honest here, as much as you would love to get to the course everyday to practice and play... that is not the reality. Between balancing family events, travel, taking the kids to practice, and those lovely weekend home projects, getting to the course isn't always practical. Studies say it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert in anything you do... imagine if you could turn on your computer and head to your simulator and get 50+ swings in on the range in less than 30 minutes!? Your handicap is without a doubt going to drop! With your brand new OptiShot golf simulator, "not having time to practice" is no longer a phrase in your vocabulary.

#2: Effective Practice vs. Blistered Hands

If I had a magic golf pill that would allow you to play the way the pro's do would you take it? I think I know your answer... Whether you are learning the game for the first time, you play in you're local golf league, or you are a professional making a swing change, the reality is YOU NEED MORE REPS! A golf swing becomes more comfortable the more you rep it, that's a fact. If you were fortunate enough to have a David Leadbetter or Jim McLean standing behind you offering tips on each ball you hit, my guess is you'd gladly accept their advice! I'm going to let you in on a little secret... having an OptiShot golf simulator is a full time swing coach! You receive key club and ball data to offer you the instant feedback you're looking for! Golf is no longer a guessing game, get your hands on the OptiShot Simulator so you don't end up with blistered hands, poor grooved habits, and a bruised ego. You're a few clicks away from shortening the learning curve and shooting the scores you've always dreamed of!

#3: Golf: The Game That Brings Everyone Together

Golf is far more fun when you get to play with your friends and family! With an OptiShot golf simulator you now have the ability to introduce your friends, your significant other, and your kids to a game that creates laughs, smiles, and memories for a lifetime. The golf course is a place where business deals are closed, friends are made, and relationships are built... And you now have a golf course in your home! Whether you choose to invite your friends over to watch March Madness and play Pebble Beach or you start your neighborhoods first winter golf league, a golf simulator simply brings people together to have some fun, share stories, and play better golf! 

I want to personally thank you for reading and I hope you are heading to optishotgolf.com to start lowering your scores! 

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