As a coaching staff it is our job to put you the student in the best possible position to reach your goals. We look at everything from swing mechanics, decision making, pre-shot routines, your mental approach, and last but not least your equipment.

When evaluating a golf swing & looking at a students equipment there are very key components that influence how well the equipment fits:

- Height (both general, and arm length)

- Weight

- Age

- Hand Size

- Handicap

- Goals

All of these factors will influence the design of a properly fit golf club which takes into account loft, lie angle, length of shaft, shaft weight, swing weight, shaft stiffness, kick rates, and torques. 

- Full bag, woods, irons, wedge, and putting evaluations with a clear explanation of why your current equipment is hurting or helping you play your best golf.







Adjustments to your current equipment

if possible with a loft / lie adjustment



The latest technology in golf club

manufacturing from Callaway Golf

Fitting cart with hundreds of shaft & head combinations in Drivers, Woods, Irons, Wedges, & Putters. 


Launch monitor readings from Flightscope to provide all necessary data to provide our staff and our clients with a clear understanding of the necessary steps to help you play your best golf, with the equipment that fits your needs and your budget.


      Flightscope Putting Analysis                          Flightscope Wedge Analysis                       

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